Tra la la la, la, la la, la ...

The calm before the storm

And jolly is something Little Egypt definitely know how to do

At trough

So, for the umpteenth year running,
at the behest of Dining Maestro Cleverdon,
we gathered at the Cock and Bell in M*lford,
for Christmas Dinner.
The evening started well in true Little Egypt
Beano tradition with men, musicians and
their partners clogging up the vital artery
between kitchen and diners as they
supped pre-dinner drinks around the bar
and reminisced about the year
now almost finished.

The ghost of Christmas I Can't Afford it

With no dress code, the men's evening wear ranged
from very formal to extremely casual.
The ladies on the other hand all looked
extremely glamorous as befitting "Morris Babes",

as did Mr Jukes.

Little Egypt have always been quick to spot symbolism, so this year one man was elected to play the role of the Man Excluded, left out in the cold, only to gaze longingly at the victuals, trucklements and assorted goodies on offer inside, in the warmth.

But, as someone said: "Tough; you wanna enjoy Little Egypt, you play Little Egypt".

On to the guests.

Details of the dinner:


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Steve Clarke 09 November 2005