Little Egypt Go To The Seaside: The Verdict

Part, the Eighth

It is only right and proper to leave the assessment of the Southwold Jaunt, 2004, to the voice of Squire Neville, mastermind in chief.

Listen carefully ...

Where did the

time go on Saturday ???

No sooner had we arrived at the Sole Bay to taste that first pint of sunshine, we were climbing back on-board the coach brimming over with glee.

So full was the day in fact that the "uninitiated" remain the "uninitiated". Hints of the age old ritual of cleansing by fire and purging by water circulated amongst the men all day but alas there was no time for this ancient ceremony to take place.
This will give us a good oportunity for getting all of the "uninitiated" together (including Andrew and Plod who were absent on parade on Saturday) for a mass indoctrination at another time.

The dancing was really very good - even excellent at times. We were missing quite a few of of the "older" men as well so all credit to the new chaps in the side.

The coach company (Florida) were very good, the coach very comfortable and Paul, the driver, did a sterling job negotiating the narrow streets of Southwold in such an enormous vehicle.

My journal for the day includes :

A long day ends

Having to "go round the block" a couple of times because the Suttles were still in their pyjamas.

The Picture of Jukes orange duffle bag - that somehow went missing

The blagging of tea and tiffin by Mr Jukes from the Swan Hotel

The magnificent view from the Harbour Inn looking back toward Southwold as we scoffed our fish and chips

Seeing Alasdair and Harriet disappear across a field of Heifers

The excellent music from the Little Egypt Big Band

Arriving at the Dolphin to be greeted by 20 or so young women dressed in pink - we simply had to do Fanny Frail !

(better than the Chippendales one was heard to say - I think she meant the circus)

Trying to decide which was best - the Adnams Bitter, The Broadside or the Regatta
( the bitter won) ...
all in all a most splendid day.