Little Egypt Go To The Seaside: 2

... With such planning and immaculate attention to detail, only the very best of days was to be expected.

Unless of course, you forget to set the alarm clock ...

... in which case the coach has to tour Glemsford 3 or 4 times while some eat their Shreddies

Part, the Second

The Anticipation and Departure

Nevertheless, not even a slightly late departure could spoil such a Day of Excitement and Enjoyment

Timetable? What timetable? Mind where you put the sticks, mate

The party boarding at the Black Lion was in high spirits, even if Neville tried to lead them in Community Singing to while away the time,
and the bus, when it did finally rouse the Sleepers, was of high quality: nearly, in fact, up the standard to which Rock-God Thompson has become accustomed during his World Tour of Altrincham.

Make way: I'm a Rock God

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