Mumming in Little Egypt 2004/5 - The Pictures

Now listen very carefully Typecast? Me?

Thanks to everyone who took part, the writer, producer and supporters. And thanks to the long-suffering landlords and people of Glemsford, who love us all, so very much.

A Director Writes:

"Dear Players,
Congratulations one and all for a startling repeat performance of the Mummers Play for Plough Monday.
You were magnificent, and the "ad libs" were the best so far!
The audience was select and appreciative - you even stopped the darts match as the contestants drifted over to the top railing so find out what was happening... . "

Some acknowledgements:

Mr Stephens is supported by the Franco Zeffirelli School (Houseplant Training Section)
Mrs Stephens acknowledges the help received from the William Topaz McGonagall (Poet and Tragedian) Institute
Mr Kingsnorth would like to thank the Dfes for its support and training, but can't
Mr Wilkinson recommends Stagoff, the Natural Reindeer Deterrent
Mr Thomson has reached Day 3 of the Thumpachord Home Double Bass Note-a-day Tutor
Sir Jukes insists he uses no chemical aids
Mrs Fleming wishes to remain anonymous
Mr Parry's embonpoint was declared an SSSI in the New Year's Honours List
Ms Leopold is still looking for Osiris' spare bit
Mr Taylor denies it all, guv.
Mr Dotesio-Eyers wishes,simply, to be famous and to make an honest living - honest, guv!

Make up by Dulux; Wigs and Accessories by Appointment to Ann Summers;
Transport by Beestons; Mr Jukes appears by arrangement with HM Prison Hollesley Bay ("Please return him when convenient")

When you leave the theatre, make sure you dine at the Little Cairo Kebab and Feta House, only 5 minutes from the Pyramids

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