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Mumming in Little Egypt 2004/5

The 2004/5 Mumming Season was conducted under the direction of Brian "West End" Stephens.
A brand-new script was created by Ruth "Off Broadway" Stephens (no relation).

This year, The Play was performed in something like the traditional season - that is after Christmas, rather than in the build up to the Big Day.
Boxing Day at the Black Lion was observed with its usual reverence, and the second performance took place at The Angel on Glemsford's version of Plough Monday, 10 January.
Admittedly, this was just outside the traditonal 12 Days of Misrule, and slightly before the more-widely recognised Plough Monday festival, but, as we all know, Glemsfordians were always a Law Unto Themselves.

The Script:

Ruth "Agitprop" Stephens' new script is full of brave political and social comment, typical of such a display of grassroots discontent, across the centuries.
Unfortunately, recent legislation for snooping, policing the Internet, Public Entertainment Licensing, and anti-terrorist measures against innocent huntsmen prevents my publishing it here in full.

I may be persuaded to release a copy under plain cover if you can assure me that your name is not P.C. Knacker, Agent Plod or John Prescott.

I have been persuaded however that, like Sir Mark Thatcher, there is nothing wrong with dissing my acquaintances and publishing a full cast list:

Father Christmas - ANDREW WILKINSON
Bold Saint George - TOMMO THOMSON
His wife Hazel Queen of Little Egypt - HAZEL FLEMING
Slasher an Egyptian Knight - SIR DAVID JUKES
Cleopatra Queen of Big Egypt - MAGGIE LEOPOLD
Jack the Quack a doctor - JOHN TAYLOR
His daughter Betsy a maiden pure - BILL DOTESIO-EYERS

Photographs of the Performance at The Angel appear on the next page.

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Steve Clarke 10 January 2005. steve@little-egypt.org.uk 09 November 2005