Morris Into September

Two Sets in One Day

and only 6 Dancers!?

Never in the field of human endeavour ...

In a tribute to Little Egypt's Very Own Few, Squire Neville wrote before departing to his Ashram in Southern India:

"A BIG "thank you" to all who turned out yesterday (Sunday 5 September, 2004) for the double gig of Thurlow and Long Melford.
We raised some 180 for the coffers of the side."

"In spite of the heat and the dry conditions the dancing was very good and I know the organisers of the events were very pleased.
We only had 6 men out to dance for most of the time - but they were Little Egypt`s Finest."

The Squire then left for his seminary in the Dordogne.

Nev's parting shot was partly a reference to the fact that Little Egypt had been badly let down by the Mersea Island "do" on Bank Holiday Monday, at which the side have danced since time immemorial.

The fact that we were told at only very short notice that we were not involved this year meant that replacement "fundraisers" had to be found quickly, hence the double header at Melford and Thurlow.

Play it with feeling I think we deserve this

So the Squire's kind words , before departing for his cruise, were warmly received by those who were able to answer his call.

As these photos show it was a glorious day for watching Morris Dancing, but doubly wearing for those taking part; hence, frequent refreshment breaks were demanded by the Side's surgeon.

I think we got away with it ...
The tools of the trade

It was vital that fluid levels were maintained at all costs, but the drinks intervals also gave the Squire the opportunity to tighten up on a few points of tactical importance.

Emergency rations had to be made available at all points during the session, lest dehydration
- always a fear among dedicated athletes - should take hold.

A gentle stroll among the adoring spectators

"Warming down" has also become a vital part of the training programme of such finely-tuned athletes.
Here, Little Egypt practise the method and demonstrate its importance to a crowd wrapt in attention.

The Squire is currently on holiday in the Maldives

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