Who Put The Lights Out?

Little Egypt Hit The Christmas Spirit Early

December 3, 2004

Sudbury Market Square

The Ceremony of Turning On the Christmas Street Lights

(Some, of course, would say that that is about all some of Little Egypt CAN turn on these days)

God! I hope I'm doing this right

This particular night's dancing was for the early part under the direction of Andrew, whose military training clearly paid dividends in logistics and prising the men from various cosy bars.

For it was a chilly night and thermal layers were worn under seasonally decorated Horkey gear.

Gathering at the Black Boy in Market Square, it seemed for a moment that the pub was on fire but it turned out to be a street vendor heating his nuts on a smoky brazier.
Unfortunately the photo didn't come out - it was too smoky.

There was some excellent dancing before enthusiastic crowds who seemed spellbound by Sweet Jenny Jones and The Vandals of Sudbury.

Musicians, too, were on top form despite freezing fingers.
The first set involved a vigorous performance of Fires of August, many members of the audience noting how the dance gradually increases in tempo to that final frenzied clashing of stick on stick.

"I think that bloke hit the other one's head" commented one observant youth.

The next venue was St Peters Church where the Upton Upon Severn stick dance was performed with gusto, driving the crowds wild as well as cowering in shop doorways during the final sticking.

A mass Ring O' Bells with around ten men had them running for cover during one of the Squire's famous Random Hays.

A couple of drinks in the balmy atmosphere of the White Horse set everyone up for the final few dances and then it was all over.

The men and musicians drifted off into the night, some to home made soup, some to the chippie and some to who knows where ...

Don't you come near me with that thing
I do NOT stoop Just keep it there, ok?
Walk this way luvvie OK lads, go for the deodorant ploy
Anyone mentions Mr Pastry, and they get  this, ok? Keep playing girls. They'll catch up some time.
I know I dropped it near here Take another breather chaps
If I blow hard enough I might hit top C Busking was never this much fun
Gathering winter fool Just act natural. They may not notice
They ought to thank us for letting them out for an hour or so Mummy told me never to look at strange men
Hello, I'm new here.

Script by Brian Stephens

Photographs by Charmaine of Low Street

Music by the Little Egypt Consort

Mr Thomson's Make Up is done by Tracey of Great Welnetham

Mr Jukes Hair is provided by Solly Sockleheim (Wigs and Supporting Garments to the Aristocracy) Ltd.

Mr Parry's Refreshments are supplied exclusively by Messrs J. Daniels, Inc.; Mr Parry uses Alka Seltzer

I KNOW I've got a pheasant stuck in my hat ...

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