Little Egypt Go With A Bang

Another Big Night Out in Melford

November 5, 2004

Why don't we do it in the road?

We all assembled promptly at the George & Dragon for a last minute briefing from our Bagman since the Squire had been delayed by top level talks at work.

Why don't we all lift our feet at different times?

Much discussion was held comparing the merits of the IPA at this and other pubs while Tommo stuck to Stella.
Then it was time to set off for the Parade.
Already belled up the men cut something of a dash as they jingled down the high street while cheery
Melford inhabitants shouted encouragement like "What time are the fireworks mate?" and "Not you lot again".

We were stationed between two fire engines.
The parade had hardly started moving when three
of our musicians were cruelly impaled by the leading engine making a surprise emergency reverse.
They gamely played on 'though.
Hankies were swished to the cheers of the crowds lining the pavement.
Suddenly the Squire emerged from the darkness and ordered a dance.
Sticks clashed, hays were random and a small float roared past, unable to await our finale.

I always drink raw chemicals, me. We never know how he'll next appear.
That'll be 'sparklers'  madam Is that a high pressure hose, or are you just pleased to see me?

Outside the Bull Hotel the audience thrilled to a version of The Vandals of Melford then suddenly it was all over.

Honestly Officer, I'm with MI6

The Police moved us on and the fireworks began.

Two feathers to you You hum it, I'll play it Now when I were a lad ...
All together now

And, as usual, Little Egypt had a whale of a time ...

Hello, hello, it's good to be back ...
Mr Pastry? Can't see it myself ..

Steve Clarke 09 November 2005