How Little Egypt Headed for Belgium

And Ended Up Catching A Crab Or Two

A photographic record of another Little Egypt tour de force

Pictures once more courtesy of Brian "Free The Mill Hill 20" Stephens

Previous jaunts to County Cork, County Clare, Dorset, Galway, and Germany, not to mention several trips to Southwold, and fun and games around North Norfolk in 1998 and again in 1999, ...

(Not to mention the Yorkshire trip a few years back which no-one, not even Trevor, has ever told me about in detail)

... had been so successful, that the assorted members and their families were determined to maintain the tradition, this year in Belgium.

Tour hats would be de rigeur.

Where other people throw their car keys into the middle ...

As always the planning was immaculate.

All was well until the coast was reached, when some alert person noticed that something was missing:
  • a) a ferry

  • and
  • b) Europe.

The party assembles
I think the sea should be around here somewhere ...

Ever resourceful, Neville decided the male element of the party should form a Search Party

Their return confirmed suspicions that the party was badly off course, and that, if they continued in this direction, they would probably end up in deep water and Denmark.

Doctor Who Extras?
it's wet ok, but it goes the wrong way ...

This definitely wasn't Belgium.
Various hints, like place names and accents, gave rise to the suspicion that this might, in fact, be North Norfolk.

While stock was taken, Sir Jukes decided to organise an impromptu game of "Pass the Sandal" among the dunes.
Always the gentleman, he made sure that the ladies had a chance to win, by refusing to remove his own shoes.

Busy dune nothing
Go on Hazel, give us a dune

After a bit of discussion, Neville asked for some Blue Sky Thinking, and the party decided to head for Sheringham station in case the North Norfolk Railway might be able to assist.
It was obvious that other passengers were rather bemused by this influx of Merry Makers.

It wasn't like this before privatisation
Neville's Blue Sky thinking obviously extended to his shirt

It was also just beginning to dawn on Nunu that they might have been here before.

He was very relieved when someone reminded him that he had, in 98 and 99.

Oh, that's a relief.
What? Where?

Hazel, aka the Fair Mairgrit, was also relieved that Nunu had not lost his marbles.

Phew, that's a relief
Is THAT where he put them?

Despite the disappointment of not crossing into the Eurozone, all was not lost.
Neville's problem-solving techniques soon came up with the solution:

Belgians brew beer, and Belgian Trappist monks brew Trappist Beer, and Trappists keep very quiet, so if it's Trappist beer we want, surely a quiet Norfolk pub will do?

I say! Mine's a Pimms!
Nobody say a word

And so the happy crew adjourned to the Great Outdoors to revel in the relaxed atmosphere that only and English pub garden can engender

Oh dear, I'd better have some more!
Christ Neville! Do you ever buy a round?

Later on, the North Norfolk Railway wove its magic spell on the whole party.

Dave was convinced that he was in direct communication with the driver of the fine WD Austerity loco at the head of the train.

OK driver, we can go now ...

It's ok driver, you can go now.

Not to disabuse him, the train wended its nostalgic way from Sheringham, past the Golf Course, to Weybourne, Kelling and, ultimately, Holt.

Where's the Chunnel then?
When you hear that lonesome whistle blow,
you know that westbound train is fit to go

Neville, however, was a little despondent that Bruges had become Cromer -
and seriously contemplated leaping from the moving train.

A well-aimed push persuaded him that others had the same idea.

Let me out of here!
Passengers should refrain from leaning out of the window

But whatever the disappointments of Missing Belgium might have been, a jolly good time was had by those present.

So far and no further
Well: that's Little Egypt up against the buffers again

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