Boxing Day 2004 - Audience Participation

The dancing set was completed by Fanny Frail, and as the photos demonstrate the men didn't let a little bit of winter chill produce any sort of shrinkage or droop.

There was still more fun to come, however, in the shape of the Annual Performance by the Little Egypt Stour Valley Mummers.

A full report and photographic exploration of this event is available, as a result of the final performance at The Angel on 10 January 2005.

The Origins of the Tradition

The Beginning of the Day

The Dancing

The Music

Y Viva Another Sort of Dance: Little Egypt Spain

Mumming 2004/5

Morris Index


Some acknowledgements:

  • Mr Jukes' hair is courtesy of Messrs Bind & Twine, Horse Hair Plaiters to the Aristocracy
  • Mr Jukes' Motor Vehicle remains on the road courtesy of the Lincolnshire Constabulary and Magistracy
  • Mr Parry uses Alka Seltzer
  • Mr Parry is insured with Evans, the Outsize specialists
  • Mr Monk uses Pledge, the Polish for all Occasions
  • Mr Kingsnorth is sponsored by Growmore
  • Mr Taylor is a previous winner of the Lecherous Vicar Lookalike competition
  • Mr Dangerfield wishes it to be known that he was not present on this occasion
  • Mr Wilkinson uses Stentor, the discreet voice amplification system
  • Mr Thomson does not use Grecian 2000
  • Mr Proffitt trained at the Sylvester McNish School of Dancing and Rivet Pulling

Steve Clarke 10 January 2005.