Little Egypt - Masters of Misrule

As is also the tradition, Little Egypt always foregather at the House of the Squire, at least an hour before dancing begins, for preparations such as team talks, stepping practice and Rubbing Down with linament as approved by the British Olympic Committee.

But it is possibly best to leave a full description of the event to our resident reporter, fresh from the successful "Free the Mill Hill 20" campaign:

It was an excellent Boxing Day - the weather was sunny but cold as the men and musicians gathered at the Squire's house for the annual pre dance rehearsal.
First off we practised drinking pints of "Winter Gold" from a well known local brewery.
Hot sausages and mulled wine were then consumed before everyone gathered in the front garden for the traditional shot of "Gold Schnapps" which certainly helped offset the fairly bitter weather.
Then we set off to process down the road to the Black Lion.
And as pretty impressive an example of processing as has been seen in quite a while
- we actually rehearsed at the previous Tuesday practice!

Cheers me dears

A fine range of dances was performed.

We rule the road

The next three pages feature simple galleries of the performance, starting with The Dances

The Origins of the Tradition

The Dancing

The Music

The Unmentionables

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Steve Clarke 10 January 2005. 09 November 2005