Another Little Egypt Boxing Day

Little Egypt have always been good at creating traditions.
Ever since our inception, in 1992, we have celebrated Boxing Day with style.

Details of many of our Boxing Day events, as far back as 1997, can be tracked through the Little Egypt Index.

With the exception of 1999, our Boxing Day event has always been held at the Black Lion.
We missed out in 1999 because some idiot of a Geezer Landlord set out to convert the Black Lion into Glemsford's version of the "Blind Beggar", complete with his own inimitable customer service style, unique decorative taste and, like as not, his own version of Reg and Ronnie Kray.
By his actions, he made it clear he wasn't at all interested in tradition, or the huge volume of custom we bring to the pub on Boxing Day.

So, that year, we danced in Stanstead instead.

Predictably, our staying power was far greater than his, the sad little man, and the following year, we were back at the Lion, with far more welcoming hosts and so it has continued.

2004 saw Little Egypt on top form at their spiritual home.

The pictures above present a representative Rogue's Gallery of those present.

Full details of the 2004 event can be followed through this link.

The Beginning of the Day

The Dancing

The Music

The Unmentionables

Mumming 2004/5

Y Viva Another Sort of Dance: Little Egypt Spain

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Steve Clarke 10 January 2005. 09 November 2005