As I said at Christmas, one of many rewarding things about our move north has been how many "readers" have been anxious that these pages should continue.
Herewith, then, a few pictures and notes about
New Year 2003 - 4 at The Angel.

Cheers, each

A simple set of four photos:

We drank fairly slowly and long - until about * a.m. to be precise!
(Insert your own time to suit the licensing authorities)
Then we zig-zagged up the hill ...

Somehow, this sums up an Angel New Year's Eve to a T

See what I mean?

Other news:

Darts epic

On 30 December 2003, an epic darts match took place at The Angel.
Alan "Wallace" Toner took on the might of Kevin "Grommett" L'Estrange, over 11 legs.
Wallace won, on the last leg.
Cheesy grin, Grommett.

Team news:

The Quiz team beat The Swan, Long Melford: 54 - 48

The Darts team lost to the Edwardstone White Horse, 7 - 4. Grommett informs me he scored 180 and checked out with 118.
Is that good, then?

And finally:

Regular readers will have been following first, the romance, then the courtship, inevitably (to those of us with eyes) the engagement and the marriage:
now, it is with great pleasure that we are able to greet the arrival of

Jack James Farrance

Carpenters Arms (and hands)

at 3.05 p.m. on New Year's Eve, 2003

Well done, T.A.

and I bet Jonathan found it hard work, too.
(Make sure you follow all these links for tales of Uttoxeter, Sandringham and other romantic hotspots!)

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