As I said last month, "The Internet, like The Angel, and Glemsford, is a living thing."
So this month I have not only the Results Service, but also some snippets of other news.

It must be remembered that these pages are an unofficial record of the goings on at The Angel, from the partisan point of view of a paying customer. All views expressed are those of the author. So up yours, Greene King.

the first news is the really bad news:

On Tuesday 27 January, Dawn, landlady of "The Crown" in Brook Street, was found dead in her kitchen.

This tragedy comes not-so-long after she lost husband Jim, and is a terrible loss to everyone who knew and loved them.

Our deepest sympathies to to them all.

Cash flow crisis?

It is a long-established truth in the pub trade that January is a dreadful month for trade, after the excesses of Christmas and the New Year.
Some landlords, it is said, will stop at nothing to resurrect flagging till receipts.
Customers of the Thorogood Empire would expect nothing less from his entrepreneurial employees.

But it took residents of Glemsford to dream up the the ploy used by Kevin and Paula.
Make up your own mind about:

"The Belgian Reunion"

As reported elsewhere, in October 2003,
a group of like-minded l*g*r drinkers
invaded Belgium for the weekend,
and a good time was had by everybody,
although I'm not sure if that includes the Belgians.
So, over the weekend of 17/18 January, 2004, it was decided to hold a "reunion".
Even the Guestbook bears witness to the events.
And pictures have been obtained ...

It looks as though the bar was full ...

Full pub, full till

Memorabilia were proudly worn

Self adhesive address label

"And the whole rhythm section was the purple gang..."
as the old place rocked to its beams.
By the way, what did happen to the Persil?

Gotta get in trim for the Morris Season

Mind you, far be it from me to rumour-monger, but there is a suggestion that not all were delighted by the nature of the event!
An (anonymous) correspondent tells me:
" ...You moved just in time, as we have been subjected to live music in the Angel ... only surpassed in the Cock: keyboard, backing track with (I kid not) Chas & Dave songs, "...

Ho hum

"The Angel" Results Service:


12 January 2004
they played
The Shoulder of Mutton
Result: Lost 3 - 6

26 January
North Street Tavern
Lost 5 - 6

2 February
Pied Cow
Lost 1 - 8 (eight)

9 February
North Street Tavern
Lost 4 - 5


No results since 21 January
(28 January postponed because of severe weather)


1 February 2004
Waggon and Horses (Sudbury - home)
Won 52 - 40

8 February
Brewers Arms A (Ipswich - away)
Lost 39 - 51

League Table

I am grateful to have received a league table for the Quiz Team.
It is not up to date (up to and including 25 January),
but it does show a really exciting race at the top of the table

Team Played Won Drawn LostScore
Brewers Arms A
8 5 03 402349 15
Waggon and Horses
75 0 2 368 332 15
The Angel
85 0 3 368 339 15
The Swan
(Long Melford)
8 5 0 3 386 366 15
Golden Key
8 4 04 385393 12
Black Lion
7 30 4 309 324 9
Brewers Arms B
8 0 0 8 289 404 0

As updates arrive, I'll try to upload them.

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