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The Angel Revisited - March 2004

Abcess makes the heart grow fonder

Returning to old haunts after 6 months away was always going to be odd.
It is good, however, to be able to report that, in the main, Glemsford still exists.
So does The Angel.
We were able to spend a very pleasant Sunday evening in the company of old friends, like Pauline and Porous, Mother and Dave; even Chas, Tony and Kev dropped in.
Paula was behind the bar because Kevin was recovering from an "operation" to remove an uncomfortable abcess. He didn't look too bright, but managed to down several Stellas at closing time.

I was able to get some much needed new photos taken
The Flower Fairy Revealed
including this view of the "Flower Fairy" which purports to be an Angel.
I mean, it's hideous ...

While we were staying in the village, news came through that Kevin's father had died.
Our heartfelt sympathies to you and the whole family, Kevin and Paula.

I took some up-to-date photos of the area of Glemsford around the Angel.
When change is gradual, and you're living on top of it, there's a danger you don't notice it happening.
A quick look, even at the low-res. shots on "A Walk Through Glemsford" will show how much has changed, even since 1998.

The Angel itself has undergone major refurbishment.

Penny's shop is now a private house, with some renovation done, but the old Barrett-Lee site is now a major eyesore. We are told the major building project can't go ahead until the contaminated land is dealt with.

Sudbury Snacks is no more; the Seabrooks development is at last complete (named, incidentally, for the Glemsford shepherd, of BBC2 fame).

Don't get me wrong. I'm not knocking change at all. The Old Baptist chapel looks wonderful now it has been restored and converted into a private home.

The refurbishing of The Cock and its surroundings has also done a lot to tidy up that part of the village.

Most important of all, however, I am pleased to report the continuing success of The Angel as an oasis of tradition and Good Ale.
The various teams continue on their own sweet way.
The Quiz Team ended up mid-table, and the darters and cribbers much the same.
His Imperial Highness, Lord Thorogood of Stanningfield is reported to have extende his empire into the benighted outlands of Clare.
A "Poems and Pints" evening is scheduled for 27 March, at the same time as the Rugby.
I await reports.
Should be more exciting than Paris.

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