The Stour Valley needs its railway back

As recorded elsewhere,

there have been recent changes at The Angel.

I am very grateful to the Not-So-Young 'Snapper for this report of an early celebration of The Change, June 12 2004.

The Angel June 2004

The Angel's atmosphere

is normally best described as 'warm' or 'convivial' as opposed to, say, 'raucous' or 'lively', a normal night in the Angel bobs along gently to to the discreet volume of Paula's current favourite CD and regulars discussing, variously, cricket (Steve Plumb), Rugby, obscure jazz and blues musicians (nice man Roger), the continuing poor home form of Ipswich Town FC (Ageless Will, Mother), vigorous swearing (Tony Ward), the fortunes of the darts team (Kevin, Alan and Mother again), obscure old and not-so-old rock bands (Dave Hill and the 'snapper).


the atmosphere usually takes a notable change when there is a 'happening' at the Angel. June 12 was no exception.

This particular event

was a joint celebration taking in Kevin's 40th birthday and the marking of Kevin and Paula taking up the official tenancy of the Angel from His Worshipfulness Lord Thorogood of Stanningfield.

It followed hot on the heels of another Bank Holiday performance of a certain class by Tom Robinson.

On a glorious sunny English summer evening

a delicious-smelling pig roast was laid on (sadly I didn't sample said wares having eaten before I set out) as was entertainment in the form of the ever-reliable Porcus Rex.

Again the Porcus

set was a lively mix of traditional English, Scottish and Irish folk music with the odd curve ball thrown in for good measure - standout highlights of the set included a roof-raising 'Wild Rover', a rampant 'Devil Went Down To Georgia', the always welcome 'Copperhead Road' and my personal highlight, an inspired run through of one of my personal favourites, Eric Bogle's masterpiece 'And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda' immediately preceded by 'Nobody's Pussy Now', with vocal assistance from the audience from Bill and Sharon Porter.

Regulars on show

included the ever-elegant Paul Jacques, the inscrutable Steve Plumb, the worryingly sober Porous and Pauline, the ever-glamorous Hazel and Alan, the always reliable Jos, Tim and Rose, a surprisingly restrained Clive Colman holding court to a number of attractive young ladies, and the always shy and retiring Ellie.

The night was topped off

by the whole pub singing 'Happy Birthday' to Kevin followed by a well-received short speech from Kevin, worthy of an Oscar winner.

A cracking beginning

to what many hope will be a long and prosperous chapter in the Angel's history.

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