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The Angel April 2004

Poems and Pints at The Angel

As mentioned in the last notes from the Angel, culture returned to the hallowed portals on 27 March to compete with the rugby in Paris. As also predicted, the evening was far more exciting than the Dallaglio squad's feeble efforts.
47 poems were read and the arrival of British Summer Time apparently passed unremarked.

The Flower Fairy Revealed
This view of the "Flower Fairy" which purports to be an Angel reflects badly upon the Corporate Image team at Greene King

Team Results

I have received a welcome update on the two teams which remained in action as the spring began - the Quizzers having finished earlier. Thanks, Kevin, whose report this is:

"Crib Team:

They have won their last two games of the season, which included a 10-5 drubbing of the Glemsford Social Club. Victory was sweet that night! The team finished about the top half of the league table.
Will update you when I get the official copy of the league table.

Darts Team:

We also won our last two games of the season (!) which included a 8-1 drubbing of the Horse & Groom b-team, that was sweet, seeing they were hoping to win the league. ... Then last night [5 April] in the Knockout Cup we beat the Pied Cow, by winning the last two games to take the points. We should be around the middle of the table, which is a result for our team.
Will update you as soon as I get the official league table."

There you are - even brief reports are worth recording. Thanks each for your help. Keep 'em coming.

Incidentally, the romantics among you will be gratified to know that Robert (Sippo)'s flirtation with the forces of Law and Order now has got so serious that Kevin's till receipts have taken another bashing. Another reason to look Ashen-faced. Enough said.

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