Lidgate "Star", June 20, 2003

"The Star" at Lidgate has become one of our favourite venues in recent years.
We always get a warm reception and, although dancing space is limited, it is a lovely traditional pub building.
The après-danse is good value too, including a singing landlord, a haka-toting barman, and excellent food.
Such good food that the posher set of Alickadoos arranged to dine before the dancing.

The surroundings were very pleasant on a lovely summer evening. There was also an excellent turn out of dancers and musicians. Old favorites went down well, and the confined space put an extra discipline into our efforts.

"Getting Upstairs" is a particular favourite dance of mine. It is a hanky dance which serves to remind the coarser element that the Morris is far from just being about biff and bash. It is an elegant dance with several clever twists. Above all, it needs thinking about.

After the dancing, we adjourned inside, where an excellent end of evening was enjoyed by all. Several new songs were sung. Alaisdair came in with "Matty Groves", and Bill Wotsit, with a new song he learned in Ireland, chipped in too. Then the time came for departure, when the Alickadoos' Luxury Chauffeur Driven Limousine arrived to whisk them away from us mere mortals.
A good gig.
Come away with me, my dear ...Sebastian challenges Jukes
Further pictures, recently returned from the Chemist's (after some persuasion to get them to release them), show that Doods has been perfecting his groping style, that Sebastian did make it back from Ireland (although Dave still can't remember his mother's name), and Crawfie is struggling to find the right end of a melodeon. Meanwhile the 3 Stooges have found new vigour in their dotage, holding each other up. Ian needed no such support.
Now: where's the plug?Hold me up lads ...

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