Leavetaking: Saturday 20th September, 2003

The Angel,
with the Morris Men of Little Egypt

At a stretch

Saturday evening saw the Angel invaded by a huge turn out of "The Morris".
(We really are very grateful to Kevin and Paula for letting us take over the Eyrie for the occasion.)
It was great to see so many people there, including Dave and Gilberta all the way from Peterborough. There were a few faces missing, but we understood why some could not be with us and hope these photos may convey some of the spirit of a truly memorable Little Egypt evening.

It's Ring O Bells again It's that Ring o bells moment

Almost as soon as everybody had foregathered and absorbed a little excellent Angel ale, Neville whistled ear-piercingly and landlord-annoyingly and nearly-getting-us-bannedingly, and we all trooped out for a touch of the Springsteen - that's Dancing in the Dark to you.
It was grand.
Needless to say, we started with "Ring of Bells".

Good lord - a hankie dance The Band

The atmosphere, the dancing and the spirit of camaraderie were all superb.

I'll say this only once ...

Once the dancing was over, we returned to the bar, where Neville made one of his inimitable speeches, and then proceeded to hand over a succession of lovely presents, which we don't deserve, including silly hats, whisky, a holly bush and a haggis, for all of which we are very grateful.

Pip brought a cake, decorated with the name of our new house.
In Skye Gaelic, "Aislig" means dream, or vision.

After thank you speeches, there followed the most serious part of the evening (other than IPA consumption).
To the solemn, steady beat of a single drum, we processed back outside to perform the ceremonial
"Burning of the Trousers".
This ritual of purification used to be carried out while the poor benighted victim was still wearing them.
Luckily (for me) recent legislation and European intervention, has banned such practices.

ChillWhat's up with him?

The evening then developed with a good deal of Going Ahead, and songs from Doods and Dave and Bill and Alasdair and Pip and So on.
A truly memorable evening, and one we will always treasure.
Thank you all, so much

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