Leavetaking: Friday 19th September, 2003

The Angel, with Tom Robinson

The Friday evening session was one of "those"
We've seen Tom Robinson several times now, in The Angel, and he and his collaborators have never failed to wow us with their style, their professionalism, their obvious enjoyment and their skill.
Even given the occasion, we felt they were at their very best.
They take pride of place on these pages

Tom runs the show The band give it the gun
How does that ash stay connected?
Play that thang Brasso needed

The set list was very much in Tom's accustomed range: Van Morrison, Tom Waits, jazz standards and even some Bob Dylan. But the sharp-eyed among you will notice a new face playing a pretty blue guitar. Tom (for that is also his name) plays a mean electric thang, but has a terrific variety of styles of which he is the master, so that a delicate folk-ish strum can dissolve into a full-on Hendrix thrash in the bending of a string. Brilliant.
Dave, on saxophone, we have heard before, but he deserves as much credit. His control of the instrument is total, and he, too, can shape its mood to the demands of each number.
Tom Robinson? If you haven't caught his act yet, get out there.

And so to the audience ...

Both Roberts (Plumb and Sippett) were there. I'm including this shot, even though Sippo is clearly drinking l*g*r, to remind myself that I must introduce you more directly to Vicky. Apparently there are tales of a holiday in Spain that just have to be told.
In the background, you may just be able to make out Doods and Sid Watkinson

Mark and Maggie out for a good time Pauline and Porous

The pub was full of regulars, including Mark and Maggie, and Pauline and Patrick (many thanks for the crash pad, both).
You can also see how full the place was, and even the back of that Nice Mr Orton's head (in front of Maggie).Immediately behind Pauline, side on, you can catch a glimpse of the Swindon Smiler, Mr K. L'Estrange, landlord extraordinaire.

What you can't see is Paul Jacques. Rumour has it that photos of him simply don't get through the processor.

Master and mistress of all they survey Mr and Mrs J Farrance

Peter and Marilyn Thorogood came along, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves - I can't let this occasion pass without paying tribute again to the way Peter, Mel and their gang have saved pubs like the Angel from almost certain oblivion.
TA and Jonathan were there too, looking well, although TA is beginning to take matters a bit more easily, with the forthcoming birth due in December, and the move into the new house any day now.
But can you see the blue shirt in the background of these two shots? Who might that belong to? Can you see his face?

Bonner at his bonniestNot IPA Bill?

Many other drinkers were there too. Dave Bonner enjoyed it all, and Bill Impossible-Surname (of the Morris) came too. Other Morris people made a special effort, including Nu Nu and Hazel, and Neville. Good to see them.
The Townsends and Jos and Gill were there, along with assorted Plumbs, too.

And so was Paul Jacques.
Look again at Bill I-S's pint of Guiness. Some say that that is a face in the background. I think it's a trick of the light and smoke, but who am I to argue?
Let's look at the evidence again:

Face and elbowThe Mystery of the Chest A trick of the light?

Decide for yourself.

Smile please

Cheers, everybody.

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