Little Egypt at Play, 2003

More pictures of Boxing Day Glory

Alright guv, it's a fair cop.
It's a fair cop ...

Boxing Day is a traditional day for Mystery Plays and
Morris Dancing.
Boxing Day 2003 has created its very own Mystery:
Little Egypt, with the notable and deplorable exception of Tommo, Bagman to the Stars, almost always drink IPA.
Why then, if you look carefully, are all the Morris Drinkers quaffing Guinness?

All will be revealed ...

It is a real pleasure to maintain these pages showing, as they do, the continuing development of the "Glemsford Tradition".
I am very grateful to all who contribute.
Bill Impossibly-Impossible has sent me this page of pictures.
Here are four more featuring the Mummers at work in 2003.
Prominent are Bill himself (bottom left), Big Nev (not looking his age - top left), Hazel "No-one messes with me, hen" Fleming (top right) and Maggie giving it her all (or is it an egg whisk? - bottom right).

And just in case you wanted to see some more dancing shots ... here they are

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