Bardwell 2003

It is several years now since we first made contact with the team who are seeking - most successfully - to restore and work the windmill at Bardwell.
We have danced there several times, mummed and even taken the Horkey Band there for an outing.

So May 10, 2003, was another chance to see just now well the restoration has been getting on. The mill wasbadly damaged in one of the Great Storms of a few years back, but is gradually returning to its former glorty.

Belling Up A toast!

May 10 is early in the dancing calendar. Nevertheless, certain conventions need to be observed, notably the ancient rite of "Belling Up", and the equally serious practice of "A Nice Cup of Tea". These two shots show both traditions in their full glory..

The drinks are on ...In traction, again.

The two pictures above illustrate the way Little Egypt has developed many traditions over the years. One of the most fun has involved interacting with snorting, filthy beasts which grunt and groan their way noisily and erratically along the road, in a flurry of smutty exhalations and exotic smells.

And the picture on the right shows a traction engine that also happened to be at Bardwell.
SustenanceWhy we went

We danced at the mill, sampled excellent properly-baked bread, some wonderful organic ales, and had another cup of tea, before we went round to the Dun Cow, where we had lunch, danced again and Tommo had a pint of lager.
An excellent Little Egypt occasion.

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