Travel By Steam: Where it all started, Oily Smuts and all

Further extensive research has revealed some distant photographs of Little Egypt's first encounter with the snorting Monarchs of the Road.
As referred to elsewhere, it was in 1996 that we first danced to the accompaniment of pounding pistons and lifting safety valves.

These photos were taken on that fateful day. After that they lay unseen and unprocessed, jammed in an old camera until we were clearing the house out to move. The camera had to be prised open, and dear old Boots did the rest.
Worth the effort, I'm sure you'll agree, even down to the grainy image of Doods and Peter admiring their engine, and the arty shot of Martin and Dave through the window of what may have been a pub...

At restOn the road
Waiting for the offResting again

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