The Angel Revisited

When we left the fair and humming metropolis that is Glemsford, on 14 April, 2003, for our self-imposed Exile on Church Street, we rather thought we would be back for regular updates of The Angel pages.

Life is never, predictable, however, and our visits have been fewer and further between than we might have expected. With apologies to regular readers, therefore, this is a potted "catch up".

I hope that when we move even further away correspondents will keep me informed of developments, so that this small corner of the real England can be maintained satisfactorily.

It must be remembered that these pages are an unofficial record of the goings on at The Angel, from the partisan point of view of a paying customer. All views expressed are those of the author. So up yours, Greene King.


Jim Gardner

I'm sorry to have to start on an extremely sad note. We were devastated to hear of Jim's death, from a heart attack, while playing golf on 2nd July.
Jim was one of those quiet observers of life who stood to one side and commented, always gently, always perceptively, on things going on around him. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. His humour was an essential part of him. He willingly took on the title of "Glemsford's answer to the Millennium Dome" - rapidly abbreviated to "Dome"; when the Dome closed, he became "Sizewell" in these pages - another day, another dome. He played crib, and maintained the team's records. He supported Norwich City in this Ipswich desert. He christened me "Thatch", which made Marilyn "Mrs Thatch". Touché.
He will be sadly missed by us all.
Immense sympathies to Jill and all his family.


Meanwhile, however, good news is all around as well.
Jonathan and TA Farrance got married earlier in the year. I am absolutely delighted to report that, round about Christmas, they will be joined by a third member of the family.
On a similar note, our illustrious landlord and landlady are also expecting a sibling for D'Arcy, rather sooner.

It must be the IPA.

Quizzers Up ... Then Down

The Quiz team won their League and so passed into the knock out stages of the Greene King competition.
We were drawn against the Golden Key from Ipswich. They turned out to be a very pleasant team, who expected to win easily.
In fact we gave them a very close match, of which the result was in doubt until the last round. We lost by a couple of points but gave them city folks the scare of their lives.

Light Pollution

The Angel has few faults that we can detect. Apart from the presence of a lager tap, I can't think of one, off hand.
Other, that is, than the lighting in the main body of the bar.

It is many years ago now that Her Moship decided to enter the spirit of Christmas one year by stringing some fairy lights around the window and some more along the bar
Twelfth Night came and went and the lights stayed.
For years.

Some improvements were made with the disappearance of various fluorescent tubes, and the refining of some of the spotlights, but the fairy lights along the bar remained, because "some light was needed to check your change".
The Thorogood regime, and the improvements he has wrought - new till, air conditioner, green paint etc. - made us assume that the fairy lights couldn't last long.
But the Angel ceiling proved difficult to overcome.
Until now.

The bar at rest
The picture shows the old set up. The end of April saw the fairy lights removed and new spots inserted in the ceiling. Not only that, but one of them new-fangled dimmer switches has been fitted too, so that the ambience of the bar can be adjusted to suit the mood of the drinkers, viz.:-
"Dull" = Mother's had a bad day at work
"Medium" = Neil's home for the weekend
"Bright" = No "lock in" tonight

The Code of Courtly Love

Whisper it quietly: Robert Sippett is courting. Not much more to say, other than that there is no truth in the rumour that he was first attracted by the size of her handcuffs.
Can we expect a new series of trips to Alton Towers, Bournemouth and Cyprus? I wonder. There'll certainly be plenty of advice and top tips.

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