The Stour Valley needs its railway back Extra Photographic News from the Angel: New Year frivolityThe Stour Valley needs its railway back

At last, the photos have been released from the inspection people at the Chemist.

After severe examination, I am allowed to publish them.

Perhaps I should.

Read the write up here

A panorama of The Angel. All are smiles.

It is the turning of another year.

My how we revelled

Ward and Ford Together

Ward and Ford

Porous and Pauline enjoy their first Angel Celebration

Porous soaks it up

Yoof (and Dave Hill) by the door

The yoof table

The Eyrie Rocked, too

More yooffulness

Who takes photos like this? I was not asleep

Clarke at rest

A noisy bunch, these were

The oldie table

Her Mo-ship paid an extended Regal Visit

Her Mo-ship

Paul spread goodwill far and wide

Paul at rest

"Auld Lang Syne" was sung with gusto

Singing the tradition

Others danced the night away

I've decided to keep each addition to these pages separate, rather than simply add length. I hope regular readers will not get too confused.
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