The Angel Revisited: December 2003

A very Merry Christmas to all our readers

Except of course those young, moronic, pathetic little sh*ts who insist that the world is theirs to enjoy, and sod the rest of us, and revel in getting Glemsford a bad name.

I gather they've been at it again, vandalising the float used to help the Carol singers, and then chucking stones at the Father Christmas figure.
I sincerely hope they get exactly what they deserve. But their pathetic parents, if they have any, would probably object ...

It must be remembered that these pages are an unofficial record of the goings on at The Angel, from the partisan point of view of a paying customer. All views expressed are those of the author. So up yours, Greene King.


"There I was, digging this hole, hole in the ground, so big and sorta round it was ..."

News has reached us of the Glemsford Hole Saga.
Before I left Suffolk, there was already, and had been for several weeks, this hole at the junction of Egremont Street/Hunts Hill and Flax Lane. It has apparently become something of a cause celèbre, featuring on local tv, radio and in the papers.

My correspondents have sent me these updates of it's progress:
20 November 2003:" "They"(???) are still working on The Hole, been over a week now. The entrance to Flax Lane is closed, a set of traffic lights is in operation that turn red without fail when you reach them, and the generator operating them hums away 24/7 just outside the bungalow near the Flax Lane junction.
It was probably too easy to put it on the other side, by the waste ground where it wouldn't disturb anyone!"
19 December 2003: "After five months, it looks as if The Hole will be gone by Christmas, which is sad as we were just about to send it a Christmas card. We felt we had got to know it quite well over the past five months. ...
I stopped by today to take some photographs of it for the Historical Society records. They should be quite atmospheric, sunny day, silhouetted tarmacadam operative with steam rising, one shot with red traffic light, another with green. I nearly got amber too, but a bus got in the way.
Then I caught sight of two of the other "hole menders" posing for a photograph and grinning, in a gesture of spontaneous bonhomie. A couple of clicks later, I went over to explain what I was doing and told them their pictures would go down in Glemsford historical records for hundreds of years. We started to talk about The Hole, and it seemed I knew more about it than they did! "Is this the one that was on television?" they asked. I told them it was. (Anna Watkinson was interviewed a couple of months ago.) I asked if they had been given the "OK" to fill it in now that Saddam had been found? Apparently, there was no sign of any Weapons of Mass Destruction down there either, and they had also kept an eye open for Osama Bin Laden.
When we walk past later, in the wee small hours, I think I will leave a Christmas card anyway, for three lads who have shared their sense of humour with an appreciative Glemsford audience."

More pictures

After managing to get some shots of Paula and Kevin online last time round, I have been lucky enough to acquire some more shots of Angel happenings and people.


Pride of place this time goes to Young (well, Ageless) William, who deserves recognition for living behind the Cock, if nothing else.

Friday Night

Fridays are a special night in The Angel. It is on Friday that the place really mellows and hums, and few Fridays are complete without a meeting of the Kebab Club. This shot shows a typical session in full swing. You can almost feel the happy.

This happy crew

Team News

The previous edition of these notes gave an update of the progress of the three Angel teams in competition.

Latest news is as follows:

  • The Darts Team beat The Mutton, Assington, 6-5 (24 November)
  • The Crib team lost to the Melford Legion, 9-6 (26 November)
  • The Crib team lost to (an unnamed team), 6 - 9, (3 December)
  • and
  • The Quiz team BEAT the "Golden Key", Ipswich, 47 - 45, their first win of the season (30 November)
  • then
  • The Quiz team didn't lose on December 7, either (they didn't have a match).
  • The Darts team then beat the Bay Horse 5 - 4 (8 December) with another polished performance from Landlord L'Estrange (he tells me). He also tells me he scored 180.
    Is that good?
  • The Crib Team beat the Melford Swan, 8 - 7 (10 December)
  • Then, to round off an interesting set of results, the Darters lost 8 (EIGHT) - 1 (ONE) to the Snooker Club. (15 December).
    Seems a bit unfair that. After all, a snooker player could reach double top from the Oche without having to let go his cue.
I'll again leave you to do your own counting.

League tables to follow.

And once again,
A Very Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year

Thanks for all the news, people. Keep it coming, and maybe the update will be as rapid next time.

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