The Angel Revisited: November 2003

Two updates in one month? What have we done to deserve this?

People have been writing to me, and sending me pictures, that's what.

It must be remembered that these pages are an unofficial record of the goings on at The Angel, from the partisan point of view of a paying customer. All views expressed are those of the author. So up yours, Greene King.


Domestic matters.

Ever since His Majesty The Good Man Thorogood took over The Angel, the bar staff, including Peter, Mel, Paula and Kevin, have been moaning about the small washing up sink under the bar, where it was impossible to wash anything larger than a spirit measure without washing the floor as well, and which was totally unsuitable for filling water jugs for those who wished to pollute their whisky with the by products of fish farming and nuclear power.

It took what seemed like the combined brain power of the entire list of Nobel prize winners, in the time it took to settle the Great War, to solve the problem by, er, lowering the sink.
And I have photographic evidence.

How low can you sink?

At last, pictorial evidence

It has been a source of some shame that, in all the time Paula and Kevin have been ensconced behind the hallowed portals, I have not included an appropriate photograph of the handsome duo.
Now I can make amends.
The photograph is, I am asked to point out, something of a rarity, in that it shows Kevin at work and Paula chatting.
I wouldn't dare comment further.

An Angelic Crew


Mother and Dave feature fairly regularly in these news pages, but proper photgraphs, rather than fleeting glimpses, are few and far between, so I am pleased to include this one, which shows both gentlemen in familiar pose, that is, Mother smiling and Dave rolling up.

Team News

The previous edition of these notes gave a few details of the progress of the three Angel teams in competition:
unheard of successes for the Arrer Boys, mixed fortunes for the Cribbers, and an early season set back for the Eggheads.

Further news has now filtered through to the effect that:

  • The Darts Team beat the Black Horse, 6-3
  • The Crib team beat the Clare Ex-Servicemen's Club, 9-6
  • The Crib team lost to the Gelmsford Social Club, 7-8
  • and
  • The Quiz team lost to the Waggon and Horses, 45-49
  • and
  • The Quiz team lost to the Brewer's Arms, 34-44.
I'll leave you to do your own counting, but I'm also assured that the Quiz team has WON all three beer rounds.

Ho hum.

If in doubt, ask the Belgian question

Since the first sketchy details of the Angel's descent on the Belgiam Beer Festival appeared in the last edition, I have received a number of questions and clarifications, as wellas a few grainy photos that I'll try to get past the Internet watchdog.

I am pleased to be able to report, for instance, that the covert importer of Persil was not Sippo, but Mark, trying to corner the market in Euro-detergent - either that or, from what else I hear, he might have misheard a shop assistant and thought she was selling extra-large Percy.

Whatever, I am dedicating a whole separate page to the exploits in Belgium, along with (parts of) Kevin's own account.
We have to remember, he was not well.

Thanks for all the news, people. Keep it coming, and maybe the update will be as rapid next time.

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