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As everyone well knows, these pages are an unofficial record of the goings on at The Angel, from the partisan point of view of a paying customer. All views expressed are those of the author. So up yours, Greene King.

27 August 2002

Culture Returns To The Angel

Saturday 24 August saw a welcome return to The Angel of Tom Robinson and Chums, for an evening of late summer revelry.
As on his last two visits, Tom was joined by the excellent Simon on lead guitar, backing vocals and microphonic feedback, but this time we were also treated to the brilliant Dave on sax and mouth harp. The extra dimension of Dave's contributions really added to the enjoyment, giving extra range and subtlety to a lot of the music.

The repertoire was much as before, ranging from Gospel to Tom Waits via Van Morrison.
This time the pub was comfortably full, so we could all enjoy it to the maximum without treading on anyone's toes. Even Tony "George Melly Is My Hero" Ward managed to behave himself.

It was another splendid evening.

Flag of Convenience

Reference in the International Special Edition to the activities of the IGIRLS team proved not to be that far of the mark.

Although full details are awaited from the official marshalls ( as well a stroke by stroke account from the crew), we can predict most confidently that this year's team far outdid any previous effort in the Sudbury Raft Race. Old Salty's training techniques must have worked, because rumour has it that IGIRLS finished 5th.

Obviously, this can fill the village with plenty of confidence when the deluge arrives.

Well done, shipmates.
Full report and photos (I hope) to follow.

News Latest:

Photos of the gallant crew appear below, in all their be-floured glory, and the even better news is that the official scrutineers have done their work, and what was deemed a creditable 5th Place has been upgraded to an excellent FOURTH.

And before any of you cynics get to work, we need to acknowledge that twenty (20) boats set out on the course, of which 18 finished. So IGIRLS did extremely well.

This year's team comprised Lee Eagles (of London Marathon fame), Steve Stammers, Scott Martin and Mark Pilgrim. Hayley Eagles was the fair damsel who had to be carried back to the finish line.

For statistical analysis of the improvements made, earlier exploits in the Raft Race may be found here and here.

Winter Draws On

Just as the leaves begin to pale and the swallows and swifts make their final preparations for the long flight south, so pub thoughts turn to what should be done with the long dark evenings.

Some people are more in need of constructive suggestions than others. Last season's problems have not daunted the Angel Crib Team. Despite toying with relegation, they have followed Ipswich Town's example and stuck by their captain and manager. That Nice Man, Mr Roger Orton, has certainly taken the hint, however, and pre-season training (not at altitude, this time) bore fruit straight away with an unexpected early season victory over the Europe-chasing team from The Perseverance in Long Melford.
Let's hope this form can be maintained.

Sadly, such optimism was misplaced, because they lost their second game.
But, hey, that still means they've had an unbroken record of success to look back on.

The transfer market is also open for the new Quiz season. We hope to be running two teams this year, which will add the spice of internal competition to the perennial battles with the forces of darkness from The Swan.
The season seems to be starting late this year, but we look forward with relish to the familiar bar room cry of "Can you keep the noise down, please?"

In fact a practice session held on Wednesday 28 August, under the direction of the tutored eye of Mark Corby, led to a number of extra volunteers for this season. Despite being heavily and obviously "overtired" (and had been resting for at least 3 hours), Mark managed to guide the assembled punters through a hilarious hour of questions, corrected questions and answers. His management style, in congratulating correct answers with a heartfelt "You Bastard" owed more to Peter Reid than Sven, but nevertheless it had its effect.

And on top of all that, of course, will be Kevin's personal interest in the winter darts league. There seem to be plenty of takers for the Monday evening teams, so we shall all be tuning up our Sid Waddell impersonations, and I shall try to keep you abreast of the number of Double One's scored in the course of the season.

I've decided to keep each addition to these pages separate, rather than simply add length. I hope regular readers will not get too confused.
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