The Stour Valley needs its railway back As of today, The Angel Glemsford has been rebranded as "The Flower Fairy"; see below for further detailsThe Stour Valley needs its railway back

As everyone well knows, these pages are an unofficial record of the goings on at The Angel The Flower Fairy, from the partisan point of view of a paying customer. All views expressed are those of the author. So up yours, Greene King.

15 June 2002


First it was "Consignia", then it was "Monday:", now it seems to be "The Flower Fairy".

The trend in modern businesses to undertake "re-imaging" and rebranding seems to have reached Glemsford. The redecoration referred to in previous instalments of this opus has taken on new dimensions.
Although the bar counter has yet to be reshaped, and the fairy lights are still above the bar, the exterior has been further renovated.

First of all there was the repainting, which was fair enough; now, other cosmetic details have been added in the form, first of all, of bright white lights reminiscent in colour and brilliance of the mercury vapour lamps which normally adorn railway marshalling yards (or did in the days when railways carried freight) or the perimeter fences of high security prisons. Some uncharitable people have suggested that these are designed to provide Kevin and Sizewell with cheap out-of-hours golf driving facilities. They will certainly create an interesting diversion for 737 pilots on their way into Stansted Airport.
In addition, there is now new lettering on the walls informing those who need to know that this building is, indeed, the Angel. These letters are in the naff "house-style" font adopted by Greene King which may look at home on the average Travellers Rest offering cheap plastic overnight lodging to weary adulterers on the A12, or in Long Melford, but are somehow singularly out of place on a beautiful, and largely unspoiled, 15th Century building in rural Suffolk.

Along with a couple of signboards, the other alteration is the long-overdue replacement of the Inn sign which hangs above the bay window. The old one was a disgrace. It looked like a cross between Shirley Temple on a bad day and that "Bubbles" portrait that used to advertise Pears Soap, on a hideously bright blue background. Over the years it had weathered badly, and had never got over its adornment with a well-aimed carton of sweet 'n' sour sauce from Wongs Takeaway.
We were delighted to hear that it was going.

That is not to say however that we are delighted with the replacement.
The new sign is best described as "rather twee". The onlooker is greeted by a vision of a rather small figure (full length) drifting across a non-descript rural landscape. She (for it is female) is wearing a plum-coloured frock of the sort worn by brown-bread-making Earth Mothers throughout the civilised world of Daily Telegraph readers.

And she has wings.

This is the clue that tells us that she is supposed to be an Angel.
Or is she? On reflection, it is suggested that she looks far more like one of those illustrations from a book which parents of a certain age will recognise as "The Flower Fairies".

I am thus convinced that Messrs. Greene, King, in collusion with PT and the Suffolk Pub Company, have decided on a major rebranding exercise, and that The Angel is henceforward to be known as

The Flower Fairy.

Who am I to argue?
Photographic evidence will be offered when the camera stops shaking.

Jubilee Time and the World Cup at The Angel The Flower Fairy

The Golden Jubilee was celebrate in muted but satisfactory style over the weekend of 1/2 June. Nothing special was laid on, but we were treated to a special brew from Greene King.

Jubilation pump clip

Jubilation Ale was an interesting pint. One of those pale summery drinks, it certainly pleased the palate despite an immediate nose best described as dried banana. It was easy to drink and certainly a worthy tribute. It didn't last long.

The World Cup has tested the ingenuity of football fans, drinkers and publicans alike. The sudden hunger for "bacon sarnies" represents a potential area for study by neo-sociologists, as does the market for inventive "late for work" excuses. Kevin has moved a tele into viewing distance in the bar and reports a reasonable level of custom for his offerings.

In more general terms, the Guest Ale programme continues, with Abbot Ale replacing Jubilation, and with Everards on order.

Happy Birthday

Monday June 10th saw Kevin celebrating what he claimed as his 38th birthday.
Apart from celebrating with a game of golf (Is that a contradiction in terms?Ed.), Kevin was also able to take the evening off thanks to Jules standing in behind the bar. The evening was also decorated by the presence of boss/eminence grise PT along with Mel. They seemed on good form, ith PT regaling us with further tales of the expansion of his empire.
A good time was had.

15 June

Far from The Angel The Flower Fairy

As promised, here is a further record of the wanderings of regular customers. When postcards are received, they and their contents will appear here.

  • Hannah is, we presume, in Bali, but we have heard nothing.
  • That Nice Mr Orton has gone for double bubble, starting off with what he laughingly called a "business trip" to Shetland and then chilling out from the excitement of Kirkwall's night life with a trip to pay homage to the world's last Socialist republic, Cuba. He's back, but keeping quite quiet about it.
  • Jos is well known for his Transatlantic jaunts. This year he's been to Toronto, having won a trade incentive competition for Parts Managers. Which parts?
    He actually contrived to make his freebie happen over Jubilee weekend, wise man, but he very nearly didn't make it, getting trapped on the M25 on the way to Heathrow. He really should know that you have to allow a day for such a trek.
    We're hoping they were filming a new "Airport" series to record his sprint towards Departures.
    If they were, we shall also find out the truth behind his appearance at the wrong terminal, and the consequent race across the airport to make his flight.
  • Jonathan and TA still haven't made it to Alton Towers.
    Instead they have contented themselves with cultural visits to Sandringham and Kentwell Hall.
    Never being one to do things the easy way, Jonathan made the trip to the Norfolk outpost of Her Majesty more interesting by insisting on visiting the museum AND the gardens in the reverse direction to all the other visitors.
    Jonathan didn't notice.
    TA did.
    So did the guides.
  • Steve Plumb has been to Chicago.
  • Yours truly and Mrs Yours Truly made a brief pilgrimage to the Isle of Skye for a spot of R&R. It was wonderful. In the days after the Jubilee which were rain-sodden down south, we had three days of beautiful early summer sun, a few pints of Red Cuillin, some excellent food and a great rest.

Sad News

We've been deeply saddened in recent weeks by the deaths of three people with various links to the pub and village. Our deepest sympathies to all the relatives and friends of:

  • Jenny, wife of Ken
  • Jim, landlord of The Crown in Glemsford
  • and John Berrill, newspaperman and bright spirit of many early evenings.

  • All three will be sadly and badly missed.

I've decided to keep each addition to these pages separate, rather than simply add length. I hope regular readers will not get too confused.
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