Little Egypt/Stour Valley Mummers, 2001

This year, we reverted to separate performances.
We enjoyed it

For this year's performance, we reverted to a more traditional "turning of the year" tale of light and dark, with a newish script derived from our original, but with additions courtesy of quite a lot of websearching.
These pictures derive from the original performance on Boxing Day in the newly-refurbished "Black Lion"
In full cry
The cast were made up of much the same people as in previous years, but with some re-casting. Mark had a chance to develop his SinGeorge character, while Mr Jukes had to grapple with the role of Hector - a named Turkish Knight for once. Typecasting rules o.k., you blackguard.
As is appropriate for Glemsford, the Egyptian contingent was as strong as ever this year, with Sir Jukes being supported yet again by Martin "Mr Culcher" Cleverdon in the part of the King, and Neville the Master of Embonpoint as his fated son, Paradine. Save me oh mighty master!

John Proffitt was able to bring even more costumic authenticity to his part as the Good Doctor. If the outfits, wear it.

Marilyn Clarke ran the whole show as Room and Rumour.

Where DID I leave my anal thermometer?
Father Christmas/The Green Man/The Spirit of the Woods, as played by Steve Clarke, is a Wimbledon Supporter. Obvious, innit? Now - what's going on here?
Various members of the cast had trouble witheir words and swords: hence the prevalence of scripts and prompters. Grovel, you swine

Some tried to avoid the need for help by using any available surface to hide their script

Geoff Monk is just visible beyond the sword, in this year's part of the Honest Soldier.

What is this on my trusty blade?

He is again just visible to the right of this fine action shot.

Missing at present are any shots of Mike Hamilton as St Patrick - a new addition to our script, this one, which allowed Mike to try and rhyme "learn ye" with "Hibernia". He managed it in every way imaginable.

New photos will be added as soon as they become available.

Other parts were played by members of the cast ...
As well as our main Boxing Day performance (which, as ever, was wondefully received), this year we went back to the tradition of performing our tale during the season of Misrule.
This meant, for us, two performances on Friday, 27 December in The Swan in Long Melford, and The Angel in Glemsford.
I would like to say how much of a pleasure it was to perform before such huge crowds, ... but I can't. There weren't any. Still - we enjoyed it, and made a bit for charity, too.

The Cast of 2001

Proffo Geoff Mark
ThoraSteve Martin
DaveNev Waiting for a
picture of Mike

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