Little Egypt's May Day Celebrations

Somewhere in the wilds, high above Stanstead, the Morris Men of Little Egypt gathered to celebrate the Dawn of May Day 2001

Here are the pictures to prove it

As the early photos of Proffo and Doods prove, it was well before the first waking of the sun that the brave band gathered. By the looks of them, it was also well before first waking of Proffo and Doods
Just whose idea was this, anyway?
As the first streaks of dawn gently kissed the sky, the group moved about their ancient, time-lost tasks I've quite lost time. Don't worry: no-one will notice - it's still dark
Naturally, they posed for a group photo I'm a natural poser, me.
The musicians kept a brave face on it Look at them silly buggers
After the dance, it was back to the Black Lion for breakkieMore beans Neville?

And then to an honest day's work

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