Little Egypt Return to Ireland: May/June 2001

Further details of our return
trip to the Republic of Ireland

Between 31 May and 3 June 2001,
the Morris Men of Little Egypt
made a second trip to Ireland
to sample the pleasures of a
beautiful country and to
demonstrate a little
of our own traditional dance.

This is a record of the trip. Details of Day 1
are available here, and Day 2 here

Thursday 31 May -
Sunday 3 June

Chez "May Kearney" - or thoughts from a tiny island.

Text by John Proffitt

(Who was there and lived to tell the tale)

Thursday Night - Those souls who are not "party animals" retire to their beds following cracking evening at Kilfenora. Strong bass beat of Techno, Garage, House or whatever now passes for music from Night club next door lulls one to land of nod (or should that be "land of head banging"?) Night Club ejects at 03.00 and screams of happy carousers washes gently through open window. Suddenly feel my age! 1 - 0 to May Kearney's

Breakfast Friday - Arose early. Ian and I looking forward to stonking Irish Breakfast. Greeted at bottom of stairs by disconsolate Julie. Tommo off in search of "8.00 hours" breakfast. Joined by Limping Jukesy. Still no sign of life, the universe or even 42 in May Kearney's. Locked doors all round and no lights on. Decide to make enquiries in local vicinity as to chances of breakfast ANYWHERE in Ireland! Jukesy chats up local newsagent and is informed that Hotel down road MAY do us a breakfast. Return to May's to rethink "Cunning Plan". Bangsy now on scene. Disappears into bowels of Hotel only to emerge and inform us that 08.00 breakfast is really 08.30 breakfast. Blags us into pub via kitchen. We sit expectantly and Landlady appears and is most dischuffed that we have breached the walls and are now ensconced in her Citadel. Breakfast choice is "Cooked breakfast with Tea or Coffee?" 1 - 1 with cracking finish from Bangsy! Second half still to come.

Friday Night - Having forgotten previous night that I had remembered how old I really am, go to Night Club, accompanied by Martin Cleverdon, Ian and Mr & Mrs Sebastian Dangerfield. Watch the Dangerfields trip the light fantastic as we drink copious amounts of "Paddy and Red Lemonade" (or so I am informed next morning - explains headaches all round!) 2-1 to Kearney's and we've used up all our substitutes.

Saturday Morning - No problems with breakfast. No siege necessary and "hostess with the mostest" beginning to adopt human characteristics. 2 - 2 and extra time looming!

Saturday Night - Having returned from "Pepper's" on euphemistically named "EARLY" bus, I hurry down corridor to my room before I experience one of Cleverdon's "Out of Botty experiences"! And so to bed. Perchance to dream. Aye there's the rub…manage to sleep despite repeat rendition of Night Club music. 03.00 ejection as noisy as night before and I surface from my slumbers to hear ethereal sound of bells only to realise that the stage whispers are from "late" bus returnees as Little Egypt attempt 24 hour unsponsored "Stay Awake"! Having risen at 04.00 and eaten breakfast sandwiches I realise that we have lost penalty shoot-out in view of gift of Guinness glasses!!

"It's a funny old game Harry"!

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