Little Egypt Return to Ireland: May/June 2001

Further details of our return
trip to the Republic of Ireland

Between 31 May and 3 June 2001,
the Morris Men of Little Egypt
made a second trip to Ireland
to sample the pleasures of a
beautiful country and to
demonstrate a little
of our own traditional dance.

This is a record of the trip. Details of Day 1
are available here

Friday 1 June

"Guinness Galore" - or - "The Road to Inisheer"

Text by John Proffitt

By the time we had driven from the Biddy Early brewery to Doolin's tiny harbour, it was obvious that no "mill pond" awaited! A few of the side of a less seafaring bent (not totally insane!) decided to forego the delights of an hour bobbing about in what seemed like a force 10!

Those intrepid souls who were made of the stuff that once made England GREAT duly purchased their tickets and made their way to the quay where a dot on the horizon proved to be the ferry (and I do use the term advisedly!) making its way to port.

Having endeared ourselves to our fellow travellers with our cheery enquiry - "Is this the queue for the Titanic?" we duly boarded the "Rose of Aran" ("That was my mothers name" was heard to pass Jukesy's lips). Some of us made our way below (technical term) whilst others stayed aloft -(Mark would have liked to travel "below" but didn't realise until we disembarked that the boat in fact had a "below") and to the strains of "Captain Pugwash" floating from Mark Mikurenda's squeeze box, we set sail.

The journey passed in what seemed like a flash of hanging onto anything one could grab, spume and puke from a teenage girl, who deposited the contents of her stomach into a clear plastic bag for all to admire!

Once more on Terra Firma we staggered our way to "Ruairi's" were we partook of lunch and of course the obligatory Black Stuff. The highlight being mine host, who had eyebrows Jukesy would have died for and some memorable quotes from members of the side as the lunch and Guinness took their toll.
Hazel was heard to remark that her Chicken Curry tasted "…like one of those Swan Vesta curries" to which Squire replied "Match that!"

Replete and with Mark Mikurenda now once more awake (he had not enjoyed the crossing, doing a passable impersonation of "The Forty Shades of Green" and had slept through lunch!) we adjourned to the front of the pub to display our virtuosity at Morris. But as with all Little Egypt "cunning plans" we had to make do with doing a few dances! The packed audience (so 10 people is a crowd on such a small Island!) bayed for more and closely watched by some holidaymakers from Cambridge we put on a display without peer! (Or should that be Pier?)

Honour satisfied and the sun now shining, we made our weary way to the harbour where Hazel enquired if a much larger craft was ours and for Bangsy to add to the rising sea level from the end of the jetty, we boarded Aran's answer to the Q.E.2 and set sail in what was now only a force 9.5 to Doolin. The return journey sped past with Maggie telling us tales of her days before the mast and testing our knowledge of all things nautical and Airforce Bob proving he could equally have had a career in the U.S. Navy with a fine display of sea legs.

It was good to see familiar faces on the quayside as we berthed and to hear the cheery quips like "We were hoping you lot had drowned!" as the camaraderie that typifies Little Egypt once more came to the fore. We were once again in the bosom of our friends and to prove the point, as we boarded the minibus, Mark remarked to Bangsy " Let me get my mouth round this before you sit on me!" Nobody had the courage to ask what they were doing!

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