A Belated Horkey

- but a good evening nonetheless -

Of course, before the purists among you jump down my throat, I am well aware that our celebration of the Horkey in December was totally inappropriate, as the occasion is meant to mark the end of the harvest.

Other obligations made it very difficult to hold our Horkey celebration earlier in the Autumn, so we opted instead for a Barn Dance in the Village Hall on 1 December.

It was another great success: thanks to all who helped, and to all who attended, but in particular to:

A few photos are added to capture the flavour of the occasion.

The Spirit of the Horkey was evinced by this character. Quite what (or who) it represents, we are not sure, but we were a little worried when an insistent chant was raised, calling "Burn him, burn him"

I will be revenged
See the power of primeval thought ... (Carrot courtesy of Julie)
The Horkey band worked hard throughout the evening In full flow
Fred and George guested for several toons You hum it, I'll play it
Versatile as ever, the Band doubled up as Morris Musicians Not too fast - remember their age ...
While members of the Morris demonstrated their art Lines? What lines?
New recruits Dave and Bill With-an-impossible-surname pondered what they had let themselves in for What HAVE we let ourselves in for?
And in the bar, Nev scratched his headWhere did that all go?


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