Metamorphosis of The Angel

Back from the chemist, as promised, first photos of the uncovering of The Hearth

The Thorogood Changes have been subtle, but effective. Despite the scepticism of several and many, Peter ploughed on with his determination to uncover the Hearth that, he suspected, existed in the Eyrie. These photos demonstrate the success and effect of his determination.

Time Team would be proud.
This is the state of the work after the discovery and excavation, with the new fireplace in situ but before the work was completed. Note the state and nature of the brickwork, suggesting some genuine age for this part of the pub.
A broader view
This gives a wider view of the newly-installed fireplace in its position in the Eyrie.
The finished product
Once the fireplace was in place, it took very little time to complete the work. This shot gives a clear impression of the finished product. Note the surrounds and the fine mirror, together with the entirely appropriate extras. The new paint work is shown to advantage. This is an "evening" shot, which shows how well the malachite green looks under artificial light.
The tiling is a delight
The tiling which has been used to complete the surround is exactly right for the seting. This close-up shows the subtlety of the design. The fire can also be seen at work.
Just to complete the picture of The Angel's refurbishment, here we see three stalwardts.
From left to right, that Nice Mr Orton, captain of the struggling crib team, John "Doods" Suttle, self appointed mayor of South Glemsford, and Ivan Pearson, who has put up with well over half a drinking century of change at The Angel, and still comes up smiling.

Three wise ...?
And to satisfy the demands of those who claim never to have seen a picture of the real Old Mother,
Old Mother contemplates his wallet
here he is in all his glory.

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