Little Egypt Celebrates The Summer Solstice
21 June 2018

Or, the Squire calls for two Virgins and is amazed when they appear.

I said TWO, ok?

Wednesday 21 June 2018 was the longest day of the year.
By a remarkable coincidence it was also the day when Little Egypt invited a whole load of other sides to dance at the Queens Head, Hawkedon.
A fine mustering  Lovely to meet you m'dear. 
  All in their finery And what could be better? 
This year we had a magnificent turnout of dancers.
Belchamp Morris, Bury Fair, Green Dragon, the Hageneth Two, Slack Ma Girdle and Westrefelda all joined us for a beautiful Suffolk evening of dance, drink and death.
The Straw Man's that is 
Such a fine array  
We started, as is traditional, with Ring O'Bells on landlord Scott's new aggregate car park.
However, we and the other sides managed without incident or accident three dances each, ending with a massed Vandals
We were also blessed withh a massive array of music and, let it be observed,
Hageneth may have been only two, but their elevation was majestic to behold. 
Nary a bum note was heard Observe and whimper! 
At 21.10 precisely Squire called to the crowd for two virgins, who would conduct the Straw Man to his doom.
He was amazed when, from out of the audience stepped two fully certified virgins dressed appropriately in white.


Squire scores again  As he was delighted to declare ... 

Mr Bangs had worked tirelessly to create a very fine Straw Man indeed.


In all his fine array

The virgins were suitably impressed as they removed the Adnams apron to reveal him in all his glory.

Did you ever?! ...  Oh, I say ... 

The musicians struck up and began the procession where the audience could admire him at close quarters.

There were smiles and there were frowns and many pictures were taken.

Behold!  Look and gasp. 

Eventually he reached the brazier where Health and Safety experts from Little Egypt ensured that he was adequately secured to the ironwork.
The taper was applied and slowly the flames licked up his torso until he had been completely consumed.
The bands played, the crowd cheered.

Behold your fate  Burb baby burn 

Another very fine Summer Solstice with the Morris.

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