Little Egypt Greet the Patron Saint
with some chums
What do you call a gathering of Morris Dancers?
Maintaining the tradition

Our first public dance-out for 2018, and what better excuse than St. George's Day?

If it’s Sunday and around 23 April, it must be time for Belchamp Morris's St George's Day celebrations.

And so it was that Little Egypt arrived at the Rose and Crown, Hundon in good time (!) for the 2018 event.

We had an excellent turnout including the newly renovated Mr. Aldous,

and a biker clad AllNewJohn.

Have I been spotted yet?  I'll just meld with the crowd 
This is what they wear in the Cotswolds now

There was an extra bar in the garden this year so queueing to fill our tankards was not an issue.

What's more, there was plenty of drinking time between dances because twelve sides had turned up.

A marvellous mix of Cotswold, Clog, Border and Molly from all over East Anglia.

We were sixth in the running order which was just right in terms of striking a balance between keeping fluid levels topped up for health reasons and being able to see the end of our sticks.


A spirited all-up Ring O'Bells was our first dance, and the Hey was perfect, if random. Eleven sides later and Squire wisely chose Glemsford Bridge knowing that it wouldn’t have been danced by anyone else whilst we were in the pub garden lining up for our burgers.

Forty five minutes later and the men proudly showed their sticks in Vandals, with the afternoon ending with a massed, if ragged, Jenny Lind.

Thanks as always to Vaughan for his organisation and beer tokens.

Another fine day with the Morris.

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