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7 July 2018

The Day We Went to Sheringham

We always look forward to our annual visit to Sheringham for the get-together with other sides at the Lobster Potty Festival.

There's a lot of it about  This could get noisy 

This year we had to learn a new dance because the organisers had decided to stage a Guinness World Record attempt for the greatest number of dancers to perform the same dance simultaneously.

Right! You've all got your instructions  ... so just get out there and PERFORM 

With 43 sides present an astonishing 369 dancers were assembled for this challenge.

looking good, chaps  Everything's gonna be all wight 

"Tinners Rabbit" was the dance chosen which was a new one on us but in fine Little Egypt tradition we practised it at least five times and on the day danced it perfectly.

The result can be seen here.

Gosh, I'm proud 

Once the record gathering had dispersed the event continued as usual, and we moved to our first stand near to the Robin Hood pub.

Look at those sticks  Anything they can do ... 

This hostelry has improved immensely since it was removed from the clutches of GK and an excellent pint or two served to keep our fluid levels topped up on what was a very hot day.

In need of sustenance  So are we 

Lunch followed. Would it be Fish & Chip? Sandwiches? A meal in the Austrian restaurant. Little Egypt is nothing if not flexible in its culinary tastes.

Itís a pity that their limbs donít always match up.

How many? 

Sheringham was a little quieter than usual in the afternoon. Something to do with a football match, I hear.
Even so we gathered a decent crowd at Cooperative Street. They showed their appreciation in the usual way.
I fear a large laundry bill will be presented.

Getting messy  How wise not to wear whites 

Our final stand was on the upper promenade, outside the Two Lifeboats.
The location was perfect.
Fine ale, a cooling breeze and a running commentary on the World Cup score for those with an interest in such things.

I see the sea  and the sea sees me 

Another marvellous Potty Fest with the Morris.

How strange? Gat was was gy gother's name! 
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