Morris Men of Little Egypt

Cool in Connemara

From the depths of time - challenging the Connemara folk

Yet More Dancing, Fun and Frolics in the Heart of East Anglia

Where it started

Little Eypt's Inaugural Dance - the "Black Lion" - 1992

Dancing Programme 2018
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- Little Egypt at Work, Rest and Play -
in action

January  Saturday 13  Annual Beano 
March  Monday 26  Annual General Meeting and appointment of Squire-for-life 
April  Saturday 21  Wedding - Great Waldingfield - 2 p.m.  
  Sunday 22   Hundon Rose and Crown St George's Day 
May  Tuesday 1  Dancing the Dawn 
  Sunday 6nbsp; Geldeston - Locks Inn - May Fayre 12.30 p.m. 
June  Sunday 3  Angel Inn, Glemsford  
  Thursday 17 or Friday 18 TBC  Great Waldingfield Rally TBC 
  Thursday 21  Hawkedon Queen Solstice  
  Saturday 30  Glemsford Village Fête 12.30 p.m. THEN Witham  
July  Saturday 7  Lobster Potties Festival Sheringham 
  Sunday 15  Clare Priory Craft Fair  
  Saturday 21  Stansfield Fête  
  Saturday 28  Dad’s Army Thetford TBC  
August  Saturday 11  Southwold 
  Saturday 18  Stanstead Beer Festival 2 p.m. 
  Monday 27  Hartest Fête 
September  Saturday 1  Cavendish Fête PLUS Wedding TBC  
  Thursday 20 - Sunday 23  Little Egypt do York 
December  Wednesday 26  Boxing Day Shenanigans 
January 2019  Saturday 12  Little Egypt (Un)Orthodox Christmas Beano Away In The Manger 

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