Little Egypt Salute The Dawn
May Day 2018
Do you spot that brass monkey limping down the hill?
Every year since 1993

In the company of Morris sides across the land

Forecast weather for 5 a.m. - dry and cold

Actual weather for 5 a.m. - dry and perishing

Lo, what light from yonder ...breaks?  It is a bit parky, isn't it? 

Result - numb fingers and more for both dancers and musicians.

Were we downhearted?

Certainly not, as once again we rose early from our beds to welcome the May Day and “Dance In The Dawn”.

It's nice out  Leave it out, squire 

As is traditional on this occasion we saved “Ring O'Bells” to greet the actual sunrise which Squire assured us was due at 5.28 precisely.
Time then to start with everyone up for “Vandals”.
Lines were a little ragged, allegedly because the ground sloped away in two directions.

Get on with it  Lines! 

Next, and demonstrating the benefit of having thirteen dancers, we flawlessly executed “Bluebells” with two complete sets dancing towards each other.
It could have been nasty, but no sticks were damaged on this occasion.


“Getting Upstairs” followed with Squire checking his watch, and a scout out looking for the first signs of sunrise.
The sky was an ever changing kaleidoscope of colours but of the sun itself there was no sign, the result of low cloud on the horizon.
Nevertheless, “Ring O'Bells” - random hey version - welcomed the invisible orb exactly on time.
A few more dances, including “Postman's Knock” (rather quiet on grass) and “Jenny Lind” (ditto) and it was 6am, time to head off for a fine cooked breakfast.

It's not a bad life in the Morris, is it?


Members of the Glemsford Photography Club attended this year and have posted some splendid pictures on Facebook (search for "The Morris Men of Little Egypt").


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