The Very Essence of Morris Dancing

The Locks Inn, Geldeston

6 May 2018

In which Little Egypt go to Nearly Norfolk and Nearly get lost

So where was it again?

The Locks Inn Geldeston?

Not an easy place to find unless you used a map!

The occasion was the pub's annual May Fair with Mummers, Maypole dancers, a Queen of the May and, of course, us.

Plus another fine side, Rumburgh Morris.

Pubs like this do still exist.  The Morris Dancer's Idyll 

The setting was idyllic: a traditional pub which appeared to have only candles for lighting; the river Waveney meandering around a sylvan garden.
The epitome of an old Suffolk hostelry.

The beer was good too.

It's my round  Why,so you are 

The car park was full by midday so many men had to find somewhere to stop along the half mile farm track which led to the Locks Inn.
The stick wagon became stuck in a queue caused by a vehicle in the ditch so our first set was danced with sticks kindly loaned by Rumburgh.
The only problem was that they were around half the length we're used to so double time at the end of Bluebells was approached with caution.


Rumburgh dancing 

After each side had danced a set the Thameside Mummers took centre stage with a marvellously performed traditional play including St George and the Turkish Knight battling it out.

The youngsters did an excellent job with their tangle free maypole dancing and the May Queen was crowned.

Unfortunately there is no photographic record of this since your chief snapper was in a very long queue for a pint!

Looks familiar  Where's Jukes when you need him? 

The Maypole 

Luckily, by the time our second set was due the sticks had arrived, carried by the stickmeister and his helpers who included a couple of very obliging members of the public.
Finally we could dance Ring O' Bells!

We ended the session with the Special Molly.


... a tangle of hankies and participants demonstrating not just their dancing prowess but also that they too could adopt the “Sajid Javid” power stance.

Look at my stance! 

All in all, a perfect day with the Morris.

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