Little Egypt Grace A Wedding

21 April, and our first dance out of 2018.
Unusually we were in Whites for, despite being pre-May Day, this was a wedding.

Actually, we are past-masters at weddings - remember this?

We gathered at Moreves Barn near Great Waldingfield in anticipation of the arrival of the wedding party. They were running late, but we were unperturbed since the sun was shining and the bar was open.

No mention: that's OK, we'll just blend with the guests  Little Egypt's Best Side 

With only GK IPA Smooth Flow on tap we opted for Adnams Southwold, bottled variety.

Those familiar with the the History of Little Egypt may notice the unannounced, but very welcome, return of one of our founder members ...

Following a briefing from the Ushers we took our places for the first dance, fittingly and inevitably "Ring O'Bells".

We know how to wait If they're much longer, I'll have to get another few pints in 

The first of the guests arrived looking a little bewildered at the sight of a group of fine, athletic men wearing hats and bells and bashing sticks together.

This'll slay 'em  Do you think they've noticed? 

A further word from the Ushers, and the distinctive chugging of a VW Samba told us that the Bride and Groom had arrived.

We formed the traditional Arch of Sticks as the newlyweds stepped down from their classic transport to greet their guests.

Do you think she couldn't see us?   

More dancing followed, including the other fitting and inevitable wedding dance, "Getting Upstairs Quickly". All too soon it was time for the wedding breakfast to begin.
We led the Bride, Groom and one hundred or more guests around the courtyard in a very long "Winster Processional", ending at the door to the fine old barn.


A rather perfect afternoon.

Sunshine, fine ale and a very happy occasion.



The Morris Men of Little Egypt are also available to bless Christenings, Bar-Mitzvah, Circumcisions and Wakes - please contact us for details of our Very Reasonable Terms

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