Little Egypt Greet the Patron Saint
Getting board already - who let that Greengocer's Apostrophe through?
Maintaining the tradition

Our first dance out for the 2017 season and what better excuse than St. George's Day,
(even with a Greengrocer's Apostrophe)?

As always, it was marvellously organised by Belchamp Morris at the “Rose and Crown”, Hundon.

Vaughan had invited a good number of sides this time covering Cotswold, Clog, Border and Molly.

Can you see through my disguise?  It's a sign, I tell you. 

The big advantage for Little Egypt was that, with so many sides there was more than ample time to sample the excellent beers on offer, as well as discuss important matters of the day. Ring o' Bells, Vandals, Postman's Knock and Fires of August each had a step and stick perfect outing.
At least it looked that way to us.
We even had a guest dancer from Hageneth.

What we do best  ... and what we do next. 

And to top it all it didn't rain. A great start to the season. A real feast for the really decent crowd which turned up to watch.

Ooh, look, funny men ...  And tunes, too. 
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