1 May 2017
Look at MY stick

“It never rains on Little Egypt.”

It was raining, and by raining, I mean wet.

Two Brollies Geoff

It never rains ...  ... but it pours 

... and when it pours ...  ... it piddles down ... 

As tradition now has it we gathered at Bob's at 5 a.m. to welcome the sunrise heralding the dawning of 1 May.

Plays havoc with the reeds, dear


It's there somewhere

Anyway, undaunted we put down our brollies ready for the first dance and by a miracle the rain ceased.

Right, men, over the top we go ...  Bravely facing the dawn 

Even so, the vision of the sun starting to appear over Stanstead hill was only in Squire's imagination, and the timing of Ring O' Bells to coincide with this event was reliant on his Ratners "Solid Gold" watch.

Only the order of events has been altered to protect the innocent

It all passed off with precision and accuracy.

Needless to say, the hey was random.

Just a blur, such was the speed of step

Then it was off to the Glemsford Church Hall where breakfast was prepared by our Little Egypt Morris Babes.

Do you beans with that, luv?  Nah. Spam and spam will do 

Another great Dancing In The Dawn.

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