Boxing Day 2017
Who's in charge here?

“The sun shines cold on Little Egypt”

It was cold, very cold, as we gathered at Squire's country retreat in preparation for the Boxing Day shenanigans.
On tap were some fine ales from local brewer Nethergate, each sampled on several occasions by our own Chief Brewer, Alasdair.

Ale be seeing you later  You're toast. Your toastmaster. 

Excellent victuals were supplied by Carol before Squire handed round the Goldschlager for the Triple Toast.

Time to toast and go  OK, just one more. 

Suitably sustained we gathered in the cold, very cold sunshine for the Winster Procession to the Angel Inn.

Well, we're ready  So are we 

As we reached the car park we were surprised, indeed disappointed, to find only a couple of surprised smokers to greet us.
Was Morris dancing no longer acceptable in Glemsford?
Was the Mummers play too controversial?

There was a simpler explanation.
For the first time in many years we had arrived at almost the advertised time, rather than half an hour late,
and our enthusiastic audience was inside the pub keeping warm on this cold, very cold day.

Gerronwivit  Well, we're here. Where are they? 

How they cheered our mighty weapons, our galley rounds and our precision footwork.
All too soon we were frozen to our sticks, so a brief interlude in the bar was called for whilst the cast prepared for the annual battle between good and evil in the Mummers Play.

I used to be a Rock-God, me.  Off we go 

As always the traditional characters were included and as always the play reflected the critical events which had taken place in the village during the past twelve months.
This year the script was updated by Neville and focussed on greedy farmers selling land for unwanted housing developments.
This struck a chord with the audience whose hisses and boos knew no bounds.
The cast put in a fine performance with every word memorised to the last letter.

A happy band of thespians  We're burning the witch ... 

One break with tradition was the non-appearance of Lame Vera Lynn who this year was unable to attend as she was enjoying a well-earned break on the Costa Del Brighton where, apparently, the gin was far better.

Even so, it was another Great Boxing Day With The Morris...

Not this lot again, surely?

Now available on Youtube too, thanks to our very own International Rockgod:


Boxing Day in Video:
Click for Tommo's BAFTA award-nominated extravaganza

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