Little Egypt and Water
Call me Jolly Roger again and I'll deck you
Do they mix?

Many consider that, like whisky and water, the answer is a firm "No!"

But that's never stopped us before

And a jolly good time was had of it, powering up the Thames and abroad on the Broads.

Tales of Little Egypt and boats are legion.
Many are unsuitable for a family audience.
Some indeed seem to have suffered the censor's blue pencil of time.
Thus stories of sinkings and angry broad-side pub landlords must be the stuff of legends, told only around a cosy fire in the depths of winter.

Anyway, Saturday 1 October was the start of another weekend of derring-do for Little Egypt. First of all, we boarded the SS Waverley - the last working side paddle-wheel steamer at work, for a cruise up London's river, beginning downstream of the Queen Elizabeth bridge (the Dartford Crossing).

Bridge!  Ahoy there! 

There was a lovely view of the bridge, of course. Most of us have seen the bridge from the road, but this view was novel for many.
Less unusual was the sight of Little Egypt quaffing beer below decks.

A big bridge  Squire's round 

On the way up river, we passed the Thames barrier, a recent attempt to prevent flooding in the city.
Later, we also slipped past the Squire's weekend runabout.

Floods, what floods?  My other yacht is an aircraft carrier 

The majesty of Tower Bridge

Especially for us 

There were several incidents of fun and frolics, including an attempt by the Baggie-emeritus to undertake the little-practised art of ceiling surfing, the traditional second-piling-of-hats (a symbolic representation of a rest period), ...

Hold me up someone  Stack 'em high 

... and the convention known as Grannie's Nap (congrats, Carole, by the way).

Hold me up someone 

The noble vessel on which we sailed


Then, the following day, we transferred our attention to the Norfolk Broads, scene of previous Little Egyptian triumphs.
Some dancing was obligatory.
Indeed, we re-visited another haunt of a previous triumph: the refreshment room of the Bure Valley Railway in Wroxham.
But we soon took to the water.

Look at my stick!  Avast behind! 

Included in the activities wass the Ceremony of Jukes's Rucksack: It’s an inside joke, you have to be a member, (or receive a lengthy explanation) to understand.
Anyway, a jolly good time was had by all, and no sinkings have been reported.

Massive thanks to JB, as always, and everyone else involved in the planning.

I warn you ...  Keep up, will you! 
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