Henham Steam Rally 2016
That man! Blue Jeans?!
Steam in the Veins

Prick a man of Little Egypt: will he not hiss in the manner of a Bulleid Pacific (qv)?

A long and honorable tradition

We spent more time on the coach than we did at the Henham Steam Rally, but it was worth it.

Bury, Lawshall, Glemsford, Melford, Sudbury and Boxford each had to be visited by our rally trained coach driver in order to pick up the men and musicians, and it was nearly noon when we finally staggered to the beer tent to gasp out our ale orders.

Squire's Round  He certainly looks in good shape 

Our first stand was noisy, so noisy only the dancers at the front could actually hear the musicians. A simmering traction engine, three Wall of Death motorcyclists and an over-enthusiastic barker all added to the cacophony but did it affect the dancing? No, it was as chaotic as always.


Squire decided we should try somewhere a little quieter for the second set. How about the thrashing machine? Would the crash of mechanicals and the hiss of steam put us off? Certainly not! Look at our sticks.


Other events were there to distract us, of course. It was, after all a steam rally:


And there were other matters to be discussed, like the vital issue of appropriate Horkey leggings - blue or brarn trousers?

  Look! Blue chinos! 

And, of course, Mr Jukes's favoured picnic spot: 


Our final stand was a delight, right next to the only teepee on the field.
A homage to the American Indian? A leftover from the Latitude festival?
No, a temporary home for an insurance company.
Ah, the romance of the Morris.


Exhausted from a day's drinking and dancing there was one more item on the programme, a homeward detour via Laxfield and The Low House.
Apparently we were once banned from that fine establishment but with changes of ownership the present management had never heard of Little Egypt, so without demur we were served with some fine beer and sandwiches to round off the day.

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