Little Egypt: Boxing Day 2016
The Melford Riot had nothing on this
Tradition Maintained

Another Triumph


2016 may have recently ended

but the passing of the year could not occur until Little Egypt had conducted the Boxing Day celebrations.

Just as well then that we met up as usual at Squire's house to build up our strength with victuals and ale, this year from the excellent Nethergate Brewery.

A Serious Business  Flying the Rebel Flag 

Just 35 minutes late, Squire led the triple toast to absent friends, the Hoingker and of course Little Egypt.

Absent friends! 

In perfect shape  The Squire's Round 

'Little Egypt!' 

The men and musicians milled around until Neville's whistle shattered the peaceful surroundings of Tye Green with the signal to start the procession to the Angel.

They don't call me a neo-con for nothin', I live in the 18th Century 

Traffic was delayed as the men weaved their way down Hunts Hill whilst householders came to their door to gesticulate at the sight and sound of the Winster Processional.

Clear the road! 

Many members of the audience at the Angel were waiting inside the pub because it was very cold outside, but as the band struck up and the men did more milling around people reluctantly emerged through the back door.
Surprisingly the first dance was Ring O' Bells …

nbsp; Look at those sticks 

Precision itself  Precision itself 

For sale: Brass Monkey, slightly imperfect 

Half an hour later, following a spirited Little Egypt Twelve Handed Reel, the dancers and musicians retired briefly to enable the cast of the Mummers Play to prepare.

A right bunch of thespians 

Written by Roger the Morris, this year's tale of the triumph of good over evil included not only St George, his wife, Father Christmas, the Doctor and Little Johnny Jack but ne'er-do-wells from overseas, the despicable Trumpo and his partner-in-crime, Hillary.



The crowd cheered and booed in all the right places, mostly, and a fine cast brought the whole script to life magnificently, aided and indeed abetted by Ruth and Maggie on various instruments.

  Neither Maggie, nor Ruth but Rockgod Thomson 

Back to the bar, and the annual visit by Lame Vera Dim with her seasonal repertoire including a tribute to our Australian cousins, plus a fine set from the Enos Sisters rounded off yet another Boxing Day with the Morris. Cheers!




Many thanks to all who helped make the day so memorable, to the Angel in particular, and to all who came to watch and join in.
My personal thanks to Sharon Porter for letting me use so many of her photos, and to Brian "Bagman Emeritus" Stephens for his photographic contributions and his words of erudition. See you later. 

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