Waggon and Horses, Sudbury

Beer Festival
2 May 2015

It's an unwritten rule that Little Egypt does not dance out on two consecutive days, but when the venue is a great pub, the event a beer festival and the offer is of free ale, we're right there.

In this case the great pub was the Waggon and Horses in Sudbury, recently taken over by Mrs Squire's daughter Bonnie and her business partner, and fine chef, Lewis.

As the local paper recently reported, this dynamic duo have turned a failing pub into a thriving business making it a destination for those who appreciate fine food and excellent beer.

Yet despite this success Bonnie invited Little Egypt to dance at their first Beer Festival. With a special bar in the newly opened barn and some 25-plus ales and ciders on tap we were all looking forward to a great afternoon.


We were not disappointed. The sun shone and the pub was crowded with customers - leaving us a somewhat restricted space for dancing.

There's not room to swing a cat here  Just as well I like the cat at home then 

However once the men displayed their mighty weapons in Vandals, even the bravest members of the audience took a couple of paces back from the vigorous dancers.


An afternoon of fine footwork, superb sticking and perfect playing from our excellent musicians made it a great start to the new season.


We're hoping Bonnie will invite us to the next one...

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