Pop-Up Morris

Innovation in the Heart of Tradition

The Globe, Clare
12 May 2015

A new season but the same old routine with Tuesday practice planned for most weeks.
Hang on, why don't we practise at local pubs?
Just the hint of morris kit, nothing intimidating, and who knows? - we might recruit some new dancers!

"Pop Up Morris" suggested Ruth,
so Pop Up it is.

Our first venue was The Globe at Clare, with a fine location with a decent forecourt for dancing.
Some drinkers came out to watch and it was very instructive as we already had a potential New Man in attendance, Alec.

This is a better turn out. Shall we call it the AGM?  Don't mention the cost of beer 

He's apparently an expert ballroom dancer but that didn't prevent him from quickly getting a rough idea of Vandals and Ring O' Bells.
What's more he's planning to join us for our next breakout in Long Melford.

No, honestly, that anorak is EXACTLY what we normally wear to dance  I had to confiscate it. She's already had a half 

After the dancing we had some excellent going ahead with shanties and sandwiches.
A delightful new addition to the Little Egypt year.

When I whistle Yankee Doodle, Uncle Sam follows  Ignore Bob, he flew in Vietnam, y'know 
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